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"Keep close to me, now. I'll be your guide..."

In an attempt to make the Archive a little bit easier to navigate, I've been working on a contents page that contains all the links you'll need to investigate the blog. The default search facility here has always been a little bit unappealing, and so this lays everything out in a more linear fashion. It should, at least in theory anyway, make it easier for you to find stuff.

So what is the Archive? It's everything that I have ferociously and often indiscriminately collected by Editors since I became a fan in 2006. There's no officially released material here as it's not my intention to take money out of anybody's pocket. What it does contain are live shows, interviews, television appearances and some other memorabilia that isn't quite as easy to categorise (Editors condom tin, anyone?). The whole idea in setting this blog up was to assemble everything in one place so that Editors fans would be able to delve into the band's history, as well as catching up with their current activities.

I should point out that what you'll see is still incomplete, because I've had to start at the beginning and locate and replace any dead links as I go owing to some cyber-disasters. Additionally, I recently decided to make as much as possible available in streaming form, so that fans aren't physically tied to downloading. At the time of writing there are well over 750 posts, so as you might imagine there's more than a few wayward pages. It's taken me just over a year so far but, in true existential fashion, I'm much nearer to the end than I was.

Whether you've been an Editors fan for a while or you've only just discovered them, welcome. I'm glad you're here. Have a look around and take whatever you want, support the band and most importantly of all enjoy the music ;)

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Sunday, 17 March 2019

Tom and Justin Interviewed at Vive Latino by Bizarro FM 16th March 2019

Apologies up front for the turly abysmal sound quality on this clip. It cuts out all the way through, something that was inherent in the source material. The stream was choppy as hell and this was the result. I tried to locate a better copy from the Bizarro FM Facebook page but unfortunately it's exacly the same there. Those of you who hang out at the Archive regularly will roll with it and take it for what it is, but I am aware that there's a more casual audience who will probably want to scowl at their devices while consulting their "Big Book of Colourful Internet Insults" for something to say about it. I feel your pain but we're at the mercy of bad technology, I'm afraid. 

The interviewers here are great, especially the gentleman with the Libertines tattoo who proudly shows it to Tom mid interview. He's a live-wire, that one. Lots of energy and what appears to be some genuine love for the band. It's still a source of pride for me to know that folks who live so far away from where this band are from are so passionate about their music ("Hola!" to all you lovely fans in Mexico). 

There are no big reveals during this chat, other than the fact that the band are going back to Los Angeles after the festival to continue recording, presumably with Jacknife Lee again. I'd say "Enjoy the chatter" or something similar at this point, but this will actually be more of a game of trying to decipher exactly what's being said unfortunately. Once again, I do apologise ;) 

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Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Recording with Jacknife Lee again March 2019

Through the sharing of this one photograph Mr Lockey has spilled the beans, and it has me wondering if this was deliberate? 

This could be one of the shortest lived Editors mysteries to date. 3 days ago Tom posted a picture of a Los Angeles freeway with this tagline:-

"“Los Angeles. Editors recording session with an old friend. Here we go! x"

Cue speculation. Who was the "old friend"? I'm sure you probably had your own theories as to who it could be, I certainly did, but the frontrunner quickly became their previous producer on An End has a Start, Mr Jacknife Lee. This came from some sleuthing by Hannah who noticed that Tom started following Garret on Instagram this week. Then the above photograph appeared on Instagram courtesy of Justin, showing Elliott and Russell in a confined space with instruments and fairy lights. At first glance it's a simple capture of a band at work in a studio setting somewhere. Nothing else to see here, move along.

If you're a long time fan of this band then you remember all the times in the past when they've published photographs that seemed unremarkable, but turned out to be very important indeed. I could be way off base but I really think they take great delight in occasionally communicating with their fans covertly. For example, there was a strategically placed whiteboard that just happened to contain a list of unreleased songs they shared during the In Dream sessions. By the way I'm aware that for me to say that I believe the band are secretly communicating directly with fans through Instagram, makes me sound like one of the those slightly nutty looking guys that you see in the park who wear tin foil hats and scream at pigeons becuase their toaster told them to do it. Rest easy, true believer. I am not that guy. Well, most of the time. I have evidence. 

If you look to the left of the picture below, there's a synthesizer beside the large red guitar. It's set up in front of a white board and you get a sideways view of it:-

If you zoom right in on the photo, something very interesting is written on the side of that synth:-


I feel like most of the events around this band are haphazard and spontaneous. They move forward and situations just present themselves, they just happen naturally, but other times there's a definite calculation on their part. It could be oversight or coincidence that this appeared in the shot, or they might just be messing with their fans again. They know that some of us are way, way too deep in all of this to just cast a cursory glance over things. As for the photographer, I can't believe that someone with such a fully formed artistic eye for details as Mr Lockey, who has consistently demonstrated this skill not just in photographs but also in film would take a shot like this and not be totally aware of its composition. To quote Nothingness:-

I'm not buying it...

So it looks like the msytery has been solved, but before we start preparing ourselves for a definite Jacknife Lee production on E7 consider this. This might just be a demo session to see how the songs sound when touched by the hand of Garret. It might work out, it might not. Remember that this is the band who went to Crear to demo new material and ended up self-producing an entire album. Plans can be altered. So unless both parties are happy with what they hear, this could begin and end very quickly. Conversely, if the sessions prove to be productive then this could be the official beginnings of the next record. Also note that they have live dates coming up, so the fact that they are recording means they may have new material that needs road testing. 

We should also remember that there's a precedent for Editors using the same producer on two separate albums, or at least attempting to.  The Weight of Your Love was originally begun as a project with Flood at the mixing desk during 2011-2012 prior to Jacquire King becoming involved. This was of course the last block of recording with Chris, and the songs therein have attained mythical status due to them having never been heard outside the band and their people. One of the after effects of those sessions was that the band became one guitarist lighter and almost disintegrated completely, before regrouping with Justin and Elliott to pull it out of the fire and get the record back on track. A close call. So while this may feel like something brand new they have ambled down this avenue before, I just hope it bears more positive results than the chaos that accompanied the last time it happened. Stay tuned, I supsect this story will develop futher soon...

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Friday, 8 March 2019

Altona TV Interviews November - December 2009

Here's a couple of interviews that manage to pick the minds, but not necessarily pique the interest of all four Editors that were released between November and December of 2009. The first one features Altona TV, Tom and Russell. It was originally released as a video covering two bands, Editors and Findus with the latter being given an awful lot more of the airtime. I trimmed out the non-Editors stuff purely because if I know you at all, and I probably really don't, then you're only here at the Archive to listen to one band. The intro is in German but the interview itself has answers given in English. What's interesting to note, and it's something that I've mentioned before, is that the longer Editors go on for the more their contemporaries or even the media outlets they frequented along the way have vanished. "Time's tide will smother you", as Morrissey once said. Such is the case for both Findus and Altona TV.

As with the second clip on offer here I ended up having to trim out the clips of Papillon that were a part of them, purely to keep them off Merlin's radar and avoid a worldwide block on YouTube. The interview with Tom and Russell is very, very short but has the alure of Mr Smith making a very strange noise indeed when demonstrating the short attention span of the general public. 
On then to video number 2 where Mr Urbanowicz has the withdrawn demeanour of a man forced to attend a birthday party at gunpoint, when he'd much rather be at home watching UFC. However, he still manages to deliver some cool, deadpan observations along the way. Given his legendary reluctance to sing the praises of touring and all the promotional exercises that come along with it, it's not really surprising he looks a little uncomfortable here. I suspect that there's a finite reserve of goodwill that you draw from when you have to constantly interact with complete strangers, especially if they are asking you to explain yourself in terms of your creative processes. Once that reserve has been depleted, the smiles probably feel a lot heavier and the ability to engage more fleeting.  Most of the questions are the standard ones that they faced when ITLAOTE was released, namely:- 

"Synthesizers. Why?"
"You're a bit moody, aren't you?"

Enjoy the chatter ;)

Interview 1 - Tom and Russell stream it here 
Interview 2 - Chris and Ed stream it here

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Saturday, 2 March 2019

Oddity #26 - Harassment of the Chris

In December of 2005 a fledgling band called Editors were on the road as part of the "Levi's Ones to Watch" campaign, which had them playing a week of dates in various Barfly venues around the UK. Unlike their shows these days where there are usually barriers separating artiste and unwashed masses, you could literally invade their personal space at will while they played their music. Such was the intimacy level. It also meant that you could essentially talk to them onstage in the quieter moments and they'd would probably hear you. They might not respond, but sometimes they just might and it is from this ease of communication that this latest addition to the oddity collection is created. On one of those dates in December 2005, I don't know exactly which one or where it went down, there were some equipment problems which caused a temporary halt in the evening's entertainment. This meant that there was a brief spell of musical silence that could only be filled one way, and that was by haranguing Mr Urbanowicz. The audience members begin shouting random song titles at him and he engages with the fatal line "I'm taking requests". 

The remaining minute of the clip is him looking awkwardly towards Tom in the hope that he will fix whatever issues he's having so the show can roll on. All the while, the crowd offer up some suggestions for an alternative setlist. The original clip that I have of this was called "Chris vs Hecklers" and the audio was out of sync. However I have a rare, free Saturday afternoon and I've fixed it for sharing here. Enjoy a clip that will be 14 years old this year. Goodness. 

stream it here

And don't forget, you can catch up with other Editors Oddities using this link:-

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Friday, 1 March 2019

Editors Instagram - February 2019

If you were in the mood for a puzzle or two, February would satisfy those particular desires without issue. It was a month that had a lot of questions raised, all of which will be conclusively answered during March and April.

Belgium loves Editors. If you thought you knew the depth of that country's affection for the band already, it's time to reconsider your position. It goes so much deeper. If you were a traveller through Brussels Airport last month then you would have seen Mr Smith staring out at you from a large billboard, as part of the Dressed by Antwerp campaign. The idea was to promote the influence of Antwerp's fashion scene not only in Belgium but also more internationally and Tom was chosen as one of the featured models. He was wearing garments designed by Nick Haemels  and contrary to what you may think, this isn't new ground being broken as he and other Editors have acted as models in the past. For example, if you look at the official video for Bones, the footage from 1:07 to 1:20 is from an Italian Vogue photoshoot which I'm pretty sure was in late 2007 or early 2008? I think Dressed by Antwerp is perhaps the most visible he's ever been while doing so, however. The amount of people that saw the photo will be pretty huge. Here's what Tom had to say about his involvement:-

Tom Smith doesn’t think he’s a fashion expert. He has worn designs by Dries Van Noten in the past, and has visited his shop and workshops in Antwerp, with his band. “I admire the fact that the city wants to promote its fashion scene. And it matches my idea of the city. It has a special vibe. Here they embrace less obvious, avant-garde ideas in the arts.”

Some of the photos from the shoot are in the zip file below. 

On the 13th of February some new studio pictures emerged on Instagram and Twitter. There was also a slightly cryptic tag line that read:-

"I know you better than you know yourself."

Are these words from a new song? Maybe Barricades (see below for further details)? I read nothing into these things because there was a monumental gap between Tom posting a picture that contained the lyrics to Magazine ("tight ships and fat lips"), and that song becoming what it actually became some years later.

As with a lot of things I took special note of the details, which led me to notice that there were also some photos shared by James Lockey from the same location. This could mean that this is a piece of Lockey home turf or that he's made the trip to be there with the band. If the latter is true then he may well be filming some of this as part of the Hand Held Cine Club...or he may have just been innocently dropping by to say hi.

There was some more cross pollination between bands as Tom joined Andy Burrows onstage at the Railway Inn Winchester on the 13th February. More photos were also shared of Smith and Burrows together with the promise that new material is being worked on. What with the rehearsals for the upcoming Editors gigs and creating new songs for them, it's certainly a busy time to be a Smith. 

There was an announcement that a competition is being run in Mexico to have the band personally deliver a copy of VI OLENCE to a fan's door. It's a fantastic idea, which I hope will work better than if it was run in the UK. Firstly, you'd anxiously wait in all morning for the delivery, only to succumb to the foul pressures of nature and your weak bladder to have to use the bathroom. It is at this critical moment when your lower clothing is around your ankles and you're feeling a little bit lighter, little by little, that the doorbell will ring and then you have two distinct choices; 

1. You can stop in mid-flow and hastily gather yourself together to run at the front door. No time for washing your hands which is both unhygienic and weird, and it will make for an awkward greeting should the band want to shake your hand and congratulate you. That is if you actually make it to the door without tripping and falling over your own underwear. Worst case scenario is that you accidentally get tangled up in your skivvies and crack your head on something porcelain in the bathroom, leaving you as a crawling blood stained mess who answers the door with your unmentionables hanging out all over the place. Still, at least you'd get to meet the band, as they dial 999 and summon medical help for you. 

2. You can continue to do what you need to do, finish up,  wash your hands and then confidently stride to your front door safe in the knowledge that they will wait for you. Even though in reality, that's not how deliveries work in this country. Once the doorbell has been rung you have approximately 3 seconds to answer the door before you receive a little red card saying "Sorry! We missed you" and you end up having to go to a sorting office to pick up you items 24 hours later. Even if you do get to the door within the allotted time, nobody will be waiting there to see you, having already disappeared to their next delivery. It is the eternal mystery of the parcel delivery world. Be sure though that if you miss the doorbell due to your lack of bladder fortitude, the band will most certainly not at be at that sorting office. Instead it will be a bored and slightly grouchy assistant that will be neither Ed Lay nor Elliott Williams, and they will demand identification. Photo ID is preferable. 

On the last day of the month some rehearsal photographs were published. What was striking about one of them was that it showed an old friend, Mr Nicholas Willes back in the room and playing guitar opposite Justin. Just like that, potential scenarios start to swirl of what exactly is going on here. The most intriguing possibility for me, is the possibility that Editors will be arriving onstage as a six piece band the next time we see them. They have an undeniable power when they play normally, but the thought of their sound being fleshed out even further with more guitars is in itself a puzzle. If that's the case, does that mean that the new album will be more guitar based? Could be. Or is the introduction of another guitar a way of freeing up Elliott from his own axe bothering duties so that he can perform more electronic sounds? Maybe they're just trying something out to see how it sounds, because after all this is a band who have precedent when it comes to switching things up occasionally. As I said earlier, the next couple of months will provide all the closure we need.
Right at the very end of February came the official release list for record Store Day April 13th 2019, and Editors are on it. They will be releasing an album on coloured vinyl and limited to 500 copies called "The Blanck Mass Sessions", and it contains the following tracks:-

1.“Barricades - the Blanck Mass recording” 
2. “Cold - the Blanck Mass recording” 
3. “Hallelujah (So Low) - the Blanck Mass recording” 
4. “Violence - the Blanck Mass recording” 
5. “Darkness At The Door - the Blanck Mass recording” 
6. “Nothingness - the Blanck Mass recording” 
7. “Magazine - the Blanck Mass recording” 
8. “Counting Spooks - the Blanck Mass recording”

The very handsome looking artwork is by Editor number 6, Mr Rahi Rezvani. If you look very, very closely at the label on the front of the album in the photo above, you'll notice that it says "Includes album download", meaning that if you are unable to play the vinyl itself then you'll still be able to grab the songs. This is especially important because as well as variations on tunes we already know, there's a song there that was a Japanese rumour, then a myth and now a reality. Barricades will be the first unheard material outside of Dream Dark as Your Heaven (we will never forget!) that the band have made public since VI OLENCE was released. There are also suggestions that a video will be made for it. Hmmm...

One thing that I find very interesting indeed is that  Blanck Mass actually gets a writer's credit. Referring once again to the photograph above you can see the name "Powers" alongside Lockey and Williams, which is of course Blanck Mass' real surname. My initial thought was that the band had recorded some songs in Oxford and then these were given to Blanck Mass to rework and shape into something with his own stylings on. These were then resubmitted to the band and the resulting album that ended up being released was a combination of those two artistic takes. With the release of that one photograph, however, I'm not sure anymore. This seems to have been a much closer collaboration, particularly if Blanck Mass is being cited as a direct creator of the material alongside the band themselves. Whatever the case, Saturday April 13th is a date for your diaries.

Here then is the complete collection of Editors paraphernalia from the month just gone. Ever wondered what Mr Smith would look like if his image was printed onto the froth of an alcoholic beverage?  I have a video that demonstrates this very feat and it's included here. Enjoy ;) 

Editors Instragram February 2019

For all of Editors' previous Instagram posts, go here.

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Monday, 4 February 2019

Editors Instagram - January 2019

Andy Burrows gets Photobombed by a rogue Smith

January 2019 had the band on a break, hanging up their Editors jackets in the name of reminding themselves who they actually are as individuals as opposed to their shared identities as a group. A miserable group. This means that there's not a lot of interviews or live action to speak of, apart from Tom's appearance at Union Chapel for the Stand up to Cancer show at the end of the month. There's a certain irony that the majority of the keepsakes at our disposal in January come from the one man who bemoaned the fact recently that social media hadn't died a slow and painful death yet, Mr. Elliott Williams. He shared some photos of an important acquaintance's record collection and I would have to agree, the gentleman in question has some good taste in music.

An excerpt of the song In this Light and on This Evening showed up as the closing music on the BBC drama series Luther with Idris Elba, which was provided another pause in my consciousness to question whether I was actually hearing it or if the stored memories in my brain were leaking out into the real world. It turned out that it was certainly happening, and that I wasn't losing my marbles...on this occasion. Reassuring.

In related news some of Rahi's work is currently in exhibition at Noorderlicht Gallery in Groningen from the 16 Jan – 10 Mar 2019, and the gallery's Instagram page offered up some treats which I've collected and shared here. Speaking of the 6th Editor, he also won an award in Art Vinyl's "Best Art Vinyl 2018" competition for VI OLENCE, on the 7th of January. Well done to you, sir.

There were some more hints at the collaborative efforts presently underway between Smith and Burrows, and of course Andy joined Tom to play some tunes at Union Chapel. So even though there are a couple of months until Editors resurface to play in Mexico, there are clearly other irons in other fires right now.

If the past is a reliable indicator of the present or future, then it's probably correct to assume that there have already been band rehearsals of some description. Formal or even informal get-togethers to play with some new ideas, or possibly revisit some that for whatever reason didn't work out during previous recording sessions? Remember, this is a band that have shelved songs for years only to return to them when they finally figured out/blindly stumbled over a solution to making them work as compositions. There could be tracks that were written around the time of TWOYL or even earlier that we haven't heard, but that will be magically given new life due to something as simple as Ed applying a B-52's style drumbeat to it (as happened with Formaldehyde). Which seamlessly brings me to an item that I've been meaning to share with you all for a while but I keep forgetting to.

About 8 years ago there was still something of a professional distance between Editors and the wider community. We all knew that they read the online forum, mostly because they showed up there in person from time to time. Not often, but sometimes. However, there was nothing like the perceived potential access you have now with Twitter, Facebook and Instagram etc. Sure, they might not reply to whatever comment you make on their latest post, but it still feels like they're closer nowadays. I use the word perceived a couple of sentences ago because Russell has actually made his own Instagram profile private. That to me is a clear statement that even in a social media setting, the man would like to retain a piece of internet real estate for himself that isn't open to all, which is totally fine. But aside from that, in 2019 it's still a little bit easier to gather information on and to interact with Editors than it was 8 years previously.  So that's the context I'm framing this little piece of bonus written memorabilia from 2011 in.

This was a written statement to the fans made by Russell in November of that year and I'm reproducing it here exactly as it was when it came out. I think it was on the front page of the band's official website, or possibly via the forum. I can't say with certainty. What it did was bring everyone up to date on what had been happening around the time it was written, and what a time that must have been. I would love to dissect this because there's a lot to look at, but I won't. It's much better if you take a look and then evaluate it yourself. I will say that if you know the story, and I mean really know the story of Editors up until the point you're reading this, then that whole first paragraph is all red flags while the second is all "Oh wow" moments. Enjoy the memories, and the links to Editors' Instagram collection for January 2019 are positioned carefully just underneath ;)

November 22nd 2011

Russell's Statement

I realise it’s been a while since you’ve all heard some new music from us (apart from the couple of tracks we’ve been throwing about in recent live shows) so I thought I’d give you a bit of an update of our plans. We have been working hard on new material over the last few months and, all being well, it will be with you next year. We had a bit of a false start with what we were doing and realised that we needed to get back into a room and rehearse hard, reconstructing songs and not thinking ‘we’ll write this in the studio..’. Rehearsing the songs in a room and over a longer period of time isn’t something we’ve done since ‘The Back Room’ and in truth bands these days don’t often get the luxury of working on a record like they worked on their debut. We all felt that we needed to put that time and effort in and it’s been great to get the energy and volume up in a room where we are ready to play and record the songs rather than the other way round. You soon realize when road testing material what is working and what’s not! 

So - we are aiming to do some recording early next year. Probably in LA and maybe a session in London. We’ve got seven songs that we feel are in a great place to be recorded for the album and a load of other ideas floating around. Current working titles include Formaldehyde, Sugar and The Weight of Your Love. The songs have a great groove and flow, and we’ve got ideas on how they will be orchestrated in a different way from our first three records. Sorry, but you’ll just have to imagine how they sound at the moment but I can’t wait to get out and play these songs and more to you all soon. 


Editors' Instagram January 2019
download it here or download here

For all of Editors' previous Instagram posts, go here.

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